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Premier Pallet Inverters are sold in more than 35 countries. Premier can comfortably claim a wider range of load transfer technology with more machines sold per year than any other supplier worldwide. Our warehouse equipment and Pallet Inverters can be used for many applications. Learn more about the FS Pallet Inverter, FSDC Pallet Inverter, G95 Pallet Inverter, Pallet Changer, RR Pallet Inverters, Custom Inline Systems and 90° Tippers today!

Pallet Inverters

Specializing in Pallet Inverters and Load Transfer Systems, and “Industry Proven since 1977,” our material handling and warehouse equipment solutions greatly improve the safety, productivity, and speed of your manufacturing process.

Whether you’re looking for Pallet Inverters (like the FSDC Pallet Inverter, FS Pallet Inverter or Spacer Removal Systems), Pallet Stackers & Dispensers, Load Transfer Systems, Stretch Wrappers, or warehouse safety, storage and productivity products like Pallets, Wire Containers, 5S Floor Tape and Lift Tables, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Premier Handling Solutions.

All of our material handling equipment and warehouse equipment will make a great addition to your facilities.

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Featured Pallet Inverters and Industrial Equipment

G95 Pallet Inverters

Jaw Opening: Max 90" - Min 48"

Jaw Opening: Max 104″ – Min 56″

Jaw Opening: Max 110" - Min 62"

FS Pallet Inverters

Jaw Opening: Max 63" - Min 36"

Jaw Opening: Max 75" - Min 42"

Jaw Opening: Max 86" - Min 44"

FSDC Pallet Inverters

Jaw Opening: Max 91" - Min 23" / Max 110" - Min 30"

Jaw Opening: Max 91" - Min 23"

Jaw Opening: Max 91" - Min 25"

Specialty Pallet Inverters & Industrial Equipment