How to Use an Apron Washer

Apron Cleaning Machine Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to Premier Handling Solutions’ video series on running a safer and more efficient warehouse. Today’s video will focus on our apron cleaning equipment – automatic apron cleaning machine model HSWM and the apron washing cabinet model HSWK.

Importance of Apron Washers

In industry’s where aprons are used as frequently as napkins, it is imperative to have systems in place to effectively and efficiently clean those aprons. Case in point – a machine used specifically for quick, easy cleaning of work aprons is a necessary piece of equipment in many warehouses and factories. Even without the automation process, an apron washing cabinet can serve as a better method than traditional hand washing. Able to clean several different types of materials, these apron washers are both ergonomic and very easy to clean and adjust on the fly.

How to Use Manual Apron Washer

Step 1: Load aprons (or other small pieces of washable attire) into cabinet by hanging on hooks.

Step 2: Use the attached manual hand held brush to scrub away dirt and grime from aprons.

Step 3: Let hang dry in appropriate area.

How to Use Automatic Apron Washer

Step 1: Load aprons into machine.

Step 2: Place preferred detergent into the detergent injector system. Close lid on machine to isolate cleaning.

Step 3: After pressing the start button, the horizontal brushes will rotate against each other, cleaning the aprons.

Step 4: Let hang dry in appropriate area.

With these simple steps in mind, cleaning aprons can be a breeze! Leave the old-fashioned cleaning methods involving tangled apron ties by the wayside with these ergonomic, convenient methods.

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