Blink and it’s Gone: Material Handling Equipment in Movies (and a weekend of 8/24 movie preview)

Since the dawn of movies, set designers have been meticulously furnishing scenes to make them more realistic. For action movies and other violent, intense dramas, this usually means we’re going to a warehouse, where material handling equipment finally gets its time to shine (albeit for roughly .5 seconds in the background as two huge dudes punch each other to the point of unconsciousness).

Take for instance the pallet; for a piece of equipment so entirely essential to the modern human lifestyle, it’s often just cast aside in the background of scenes strewn about all over the floor (as you’ll see in today’s clips). Well today we change that, giving the various material handling equipment found in movies their dues! Be sure to stick around to the end of the article when we give our expert opinion on the probability you’ll see pallets in this week’s new release movies.

After showing a quick flash of an aluminum cart in Quantum of Solace last week, we change things up  this week and focus on the classic dance movie Footloose, starring Kevin Bacon. In the movie, he gets a little angry and decides to work out his demons dancing angrily in an abandoned warehouse, where we quickly flashes past pallets and much more. Take a look:

But wait there’s more. Here’s the remake from 2011, with a nearly identical scene!

In typical “blink and it’s gone” fashion, if you blinked at the wrong moments, you missed the pallets. Here they are frozen in all their glory though:

material handling equipment in footloose material handling equipment in footloose remake

Warehouse Equipment in This Week’s New Release Movies

I know what you’re thinking, do any of this week’s new releases have what it takes to randomly throw a pallet or cart into the background of a scene to make it look more “Real”? Let’s make some predictions:

material handing products in premium rushPremium Rush – 50% Chance of Material Handling Equipment

You’re not going to find too many warehouses in New York City on one hand, but on the other hand, it’s a 90 minute chase movie and those always have a quick scene through a warehouse (the trailer may even show one of these)

Hit & Run – 30% Chance of Material Handling Equipment

Another chase movie, but this one mostly takes place on the road, so it’s less likely to have a warehouse scene.