Material Handling Video Friday: Aluminum Pallets

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The most durable pallet type that Premier has to offer is the Aluminum Pallet. They are extremely durable because they are welded cleanly with no clamps, fasteners, or rivets, that could break off and also contaminate the materials being handled. Aluminum pallets also offer many advantages to your w .....

Material Handling Video Friday: Wood Pallet Safety

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Many businesses use Wood Pallets in their warehouses everyday. Their usefulness in many material handling applications make pallets a part of daily warehouse life. However, it is important to remember that the incorrect handling of Wood Pallets can result in an accident.  Everyone who works in your .....

Premier Handling Solutions Guide to Pallet Safety

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Pallets are a fundamental part of warehouse and industrial life. They’re immensely helpful in allowing workers to move loads around in a safe and quick manner. Their use is so ubiquitous though that we often forget just how hazardous they can be when misused. Here are some important tips to keep i .....