Comprehensive Guide to Warehouse Guard Rails

Warehouse Guard Rails Guide – Video Transcript

guard railsHello and welcome to the Premier Handling Solutions video series on running a safer and more efficient warehouse. Today we’ll focus on guard railing and its important role in keeping any warehouse running more smoothly.

Comprehensive Guide to Warehouse Safety Railing

Nobody’s perfect, so accidents are bound to happen from time to time around the warehouse. Guard rails can minimize those accidents from happening in the first place, and if those accidents do happen, they’ll help to ensure safety for your people, materials, machinery and building.

The main purpose of guard rails in a warehouse setting is to keep things out (or in depending on your perspective). You’ll want to place guards around your expensive machines and workers to ensure forklift and pallet truck operators don’t accidentally run into them. When it comes to guard rails, the brighter the better to make sure they’re completely visible against the backdrop of your warehouse.

warehouse hand railsMore than preventing forklifts from running into your people and things, guard rails can limit the damage between any impacts as well. You’d rather hit a guard rail than directly crash into a wall if you’re in a forklift. The added buffer means it’s easier and cheaper to repair or replace a guard rail than a wall and also limits damage to forklifts. Guard rails can also warn forklift operators that stairs are present so they don’t fall.

Hand Rails are great for slippery factory floors and can provide workers with leverage to make lugging heavy materials around a little easier. Beyond that, hand rails can also prevent falls, if they’re placed around stairways or loading docks.

warehouse safety gatesIf you have tiers in your storage area, guard rails will do a great job of preventing falls from occurring. Not only will it help prevent people from falling, it can also catch falling objects like pallets or tools, helping to prevent objects from striking your workers from above.

If you have any gaps in your guard railing so that people can freely move around from place to place, consider adding safety gates, making it easy for people to slide through, while maintaining protection for the areas you are guarding.

Though not explicitly guard railing, Column Protectors can be a big help in improving safety around the warehouse and in protecting your warehouse’s columns and beams from the wear and tear of being bumped or crashed into. A bright colored column protector can make a huge difference in column visibility for forklift operators!

warehouse door track protectorsAlong those same lines, door track protectors are big and bright, helping to both prevent forklifts and pallet trucks from running into the tracks, and preventing any bumps from damaging the tracks. This can save a lot of time and money waiting for service calls to come repair your door tacks!

So there you have it, adding guard railing to your warehouse can make a huge difference in improving the safety and efficiency of you warehouse. If you are not tending to wounds, fixing machines or walls, and replacing unprotected loads, you have more time to be productive!

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