Guide to Freedom Semi-Automatic and Automatic Stretch Wrappers

Freedom Stretch Wrappers Guide – Video Transcript

automatic stretch wrappersHello and welcome to Premier Handling Solutions’ video series on running a safer and more efficient warehouse. Today’s video will focus on a machine that will quickly and easily wrap your palletized loads up, as well as protect your loads from the elements and theft, Freedom stretch wrappers.

What is a stretch wrapper?

Otherwise known as a pallet wrapper, a stretch wrapper is used to tightly secure a load without adding any significant weight. The film used to wrap a load is very lightweight and quickly and easily applied using a stretch wrapper. This film also protects loads from dust and moisture as well as human tampering and theft of loosely packaged loads. Utilizing a stretch wrapper will result in much less waste and is an economical solution to securing loads.

Freedom stretch wrappers features Dual Power Hydro-Stretching technology which allows the operator to precisely control the wrapping force and stretch percentage of the film. This allows for the customization of different load and film types. Some wrapping films can be stretched up to 500% before breaking while others require much less of a stretch.

How to Use the Freedom 6500 Semiautomatic Stretch Wrapper

semi-automatic stretch wrapperThe Freedom 6500 Series is offered as either a semi-automatic or fully automatic pallet wrapper. The automatic pallet wrapper is great for conveyor fed systems and works right in your assembly line. Below are steps for using the semi-automatic stretch wrapper. This type of pallet wrapper system is incredibly easy to use, just follow these simple steps!

Step 1. Place a palletized load in the ideal wrapping position in the machine using a pallet truck or forklift.

Step 2. Manually secure the film to the load and use the push button controls to allow the machine to securely wrap the load. Watch this sped-up process.

Step 3. Remove the load from the stretch wrapper and you’re done!

The automatic Freedom 6500 stretch wrapper operates similarly but features a conveyor system that automatically positions a load to its ideal position before it is wrapped. The touch screen controls are then used to set the wrap parameters and initiate the stretch wrapping process.

And that’s all there is to it! The Freedom 6500 stretch wrapper is an excellent way to reduce waste while increasing productivity in your warehouse.

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