How to Use a Pallet Dispenser

how to use a pallet dispenser

What is a Pallet Dispenser?

A pallet dispenser is a machine that loads and dispenses pallets that is used in warehouses, packing operations, or facility process. The machine stacks pallets manually and dispenses pallets at ground level.

What are the Benefits of Using a Pallet Dispenser?

  • Improves the overall manual process of moving pallets
  • Reduces employee injuries
  • 15-25 pallet stacking capability
  • Simplistic control panel
  • Long-lasting, stainless steel machine
  • Reduces pallet/product damage
  • Accommodates several pallet designs and footprints
  • Large productivity increase due to less labor involvement
  • Overall cost effective

How to Use a Pallet Dispenser

To Stack:

  • Step 1. Transfer the first pallet into the walls of the pallet dispenser using a pallet jack or pallet truck
  • Step2. Press the start button on the control panel, and the pallet will automatically elevate the height of one pallet
  • Step 3. Continue to repeat the process until the dispenser is full or you have achieved the desired amount of stacked pallets

To Dispense:

  • Step 4. Insert a pallet jack or pallet forks into the bottom pallet
  • Step 5. Press the start button that indicates pallet dispensing which may just consist of a backwards or downwards arrow symbol. The bottom pallet will be withdrawn and the remaining pallets will shift down
  • Step 6. Repeat the process until the pallet dispenser is empty or you have achieved the desired amount of stacked pallets

*NOTE: The control panel allows pallets to be dispensed one at a time or all at once