How to Use the RR2 Pallet Inverter

How to Use the RR2 Pallet Inverter – Video Transcript

rr2 pallet inverterHello and welcome to Premier Handling Solutions’ video series on running a safer and more efficient warehouse. Today’s video will focus on the lightweight, spacing-saving and durable RR2 Pallet Inverter and its importance in modern warehousing.

What is an RR2 Pallet Inverter?

Closely related to the RR1 Pallet Inverter we discussed last week, this pallet inverter is smaller, lighter and much easier to move around your warehouse using a forklift. Just secure the pallet inverter to the floor and you’re ready to go!

Our RR2 Pallet Inverter uses the same “recline and rotate” principles as the RR1 but is much better for smaller palletized loads and can be loaded at floor-level. The inverter uses hydraulic power to clamp and recline the load and can then be very easily revolved around by hand.

This pallet inverter has a 2200 pound weight capacity and is great for inverting paper stacks for reverse side printing, replacing broken and damaged pallets and transferring between pallets.

what is the rr2 pallet inverterHow to Use the RR2 Pallet Inverter

Step 1. Using a pallet truck, insert your loaded pallet into the RR2 Pallet Inverter. Check out that process:

Step 2. Press the button to inverter your load. The RR2 Pallet Inverter will clamp and incline your load for you. Watch that process:

Step 3. By hand, rotate the pallet inverter so that you can more easily access the load. Here is that process:

Step 4. Press the button to have the inverter change its positioning, making it easier for you to replace a pallet or retrieve your newly inverted load. Here is that process.

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