Material Handling Video Friday: Warehouse Collision Safety

fork truck safety video

In a warehouse, or any material handling facility that operates forklifts, collisions are the one thing that you want to avoid at all costs. In some cases, collisions can even have the potential to be deadly. Every year, 10,000 injuries occur as a result of forklift collisions and cost $135 million a year in damage. Often, these collisions and injuries can be avoided as a result of training, but often times accidents will happen even when employees are being alert and responsible.

Some warehouses are more prone to collisions than others. Here are some of the leading causes of collisions in the warehouse:

• Multiple forklifts operating in the same area.
• Employees on foot in the same area as forklifts are being operated
• Loud environment impairing the ability to hear oncoming forklifts
• Operating forklifts in an area with corridors and corners, and other obstructions
• Inadequate lighting

So if your warehouse is at risk of having a collision occur, what can you do? Well, Premier Handling Solutions has got the answer! The Look Out Sensor is a device designed to reduce collision risk by alerting employees of oncoming vehicles when visibility is obstructed. There are a variety of models with different functions. Check out the video below for more information on how the Look Out Sensor can help you avoid collisions and increase warehouse safety.

Now that you know the importance of eliminating collision risk in your warehouse, check out Premier’s selection of Look Out Products. Thanks for taking the time to learn about collision safety, and be sure to keep safety as a priority throughout all material handling applications.