Material Handling Video Friday: Pallet Inverter Safety

wood pallet

All of Premier’s Pallet Inverters are up to date with essential health and safety requirements for handling Pallets, and are designed and manufactured in accordance with the current industry standards. However, when using heavy material handling equipment like Pallet Inverters, it is important to understand how to use the equipment safely during day-to-day operation in your warehouse. These videos will show you how to properly use several of our Pallet Inverters.

The FSDC Pallet Inverter is a versatile, free standing 180° Pallet Inverter with dual clamps. This Pallet Inverter can be loaded by a pallet truck when at ground level, or a forklift. This video covers the safe operation of the FSDC Pallet Inverter.

The Pallet Inverters FS is a standard, free standing 180° Pallet Inverter with a 4,400 lb. capacity. The following video is a guide to safe operation of the Pallet Inverters FS.

The G95 Pallet Inverter is an alternative to conventional 180° Inverters. This Pallet Inverter works by tipping the load on its side and allowing the load to gently slide away from the pallet, enabling removal and exchange. The following video goes through the process of operating the G95 Pallet Inverter.

The DD 125 Pallet Inverter is designed for lower weight ranges (1500kg). It has a compact size, and is perfect for working in confined warehouses or adjecent to more material handling equipment. Learn how to safely operate the DD 125 Pallet Inverter by watching this video.

Thanks for checking out these videos on Pallet Inverter safety. Always be safe when operating warehouse equipment, and check out Premier’s top quality Pallet Inverters today. We guarentee our Pallet Inverters will meet all your warehouse and material handling equipment needs