Pallet Inverters – Who Uses Them?

who uses pallet inverters

Pallet inverters are an incredibly useful tool to have in your warehouse. They speed up the material handling process and lower the wear-and-tear on your human workers, keeping them efficient and effective.

The Four Types of Pallet Inverter Users

  • Companies that need to regularly recover broken pallets or remove damaged goods at the bottom of a palletized load. Pallet Inverters make sure messes don’t expand throughout the warehouse is a product spills.
  • Companies that to to switch incoming goods from wood pallets to more hygienic plastic pallets for use in production areas.
  • Companies that need to guard against busted pallets entering their material handling systems. Broken pallets can cause delays and are especially dangerous in high-bay warehouses.
  • Companies that need to turn something large 180 degrees.

What Industries Need Pallet Inverters?

  • Food companies
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Anything industry that need to turn a product 180 degrees, like…
    • Cheese makers during the maturation process
    • Concrete sections can be turned to remove steel molding
    • Printers needing to print on both sides of sheets of paper
    • Makers of laminated products like MDF boards
    • Vineyards often invert wine bottles for long-term storage after the cork has expanded into the nexks of the bottles
    • Bananas are also inverted after ripening so they look better on grocery store shelves