Material Handling Video Friday: Pallet Stacker Safety

Pallet Stacker Warehouse Safety Videos

Working in a warehouse requires heavy material handling. This job is made easier with equipment like pallet stackers. However, it is important to be aware that operating a pallet stacker safely requires training and awareness of safety guidelines. Only authorized and trained individuals should operate a pallet stacker in your warehouse. Check out the videos below to get more familiar with pallet stackers and how to use them safely for your material handling needs.

Pallet stackers are used to transport a pallets, pallet stacks, or loaded pallets and can be used to stack the load on to other pallets, making them very useful for material handling applications. This first video shows how a pallet stacker operates.

If you are already familiar with pallet stackers, be sure to watch the below training video on stradle pallet stackers (sometimes called walkie stackers). This informative video will show you how to operate pallet stackers in the most safe and efficient way possible.

Thanks for checking out these videos on pallet stacker safety. The pallet stacker is a useful part of any warehouse, but only if the operator is aware of how the equipment works and how to safely operate it. Be sure to check out Premier’s variety of pallet stackers to find the stacker that is best for your material handling needs!