Material Handling Video Friday: Pallet Truck Safety

Pallet Truck Warehouse Safety Videos

One of the most common pieces of equipment in any material handling warehouse are Pallet Trucks. From hauling pallets, heavy containers or industrial materials, Pallet Trucks make your job faster, easier and safer if used correctly. A surprising amount of accidents involving Pallet Trucks happen every year in warehouses, and can lead to lawsuits. Few people who use Pallet Trucks are actually familiar with the safety regulations for the device. We have put together a few helpful videos to inform you of the proper safety protocols when handling a Pallet Truck.

The most common type of Pallet Truck is the hand operated Pallet Truck. This first video covers how to operate a hand Pallet Truck safely.

For heavier loads, Electric Pallet Trucks are necessary. However, Electric Pallet Trucks can be much more dangerous than Manual Pallet Trucks if used carelessly. The following video goes over how to avoid accidents involving Electric Pallet Trucks.

Thanks so much for taking the time to learn about safe Pallet Truck use. Premier offers standard Pallet Trucks, Electric Pallet Trucks, and Semi-Electric Pallet Trucks perfect for every application. Check out Premier’s top of the line Pallet Trucks today for all your material handling needs!