Reflective Tape Uses

reflective floor tapeThe uses of reflective tape are endless! You often don’t realize how much reflective tape you see on an average day. Road construction workers are commonly wrapped from head to toe due to the tape’s safety characteristics. Police vehicles, ambulances, school busses, mail trucks, trash trucks, and street sweepers are just a few of the many vehicles that use reflective tape to prevent accidents.

People don’t recognize how important reflective tape is. It goes mostly unnoticed until it is apparent that an object is important and needs to be avoided. This goes to show that it is not distracting and only calls for attention when needed. Many high quality reflective tapes are visible from 1,000 ft. and have seven year outdoor life-spans.

This makes reflective tape perfect for personal as well as professional use. Here are some great ways you can implement it today to keep your family members and co-workers safe.

  • Sew or adhere to clothing
    • Jogging in the evening can be dangerous, bright reflective tape will ensure that you can be seen at all times.
  • Outer edge of driveways
    • Having your driveway clearly marked is very important. Lining the edges of your driveway can prevent damage to vehicles.
  • Sew on children’s bookbags
    • Nothing is more important than the safety of your child. Rest easy knowing that your son or daughter is at far less risk of not being seen by a motorist.
  • reflective tape on motorcycle helmetBicycles and motorcycles
    • Most bicycles come equipped with reflective safety features. The problem is, they are typically the bare minimum required by law. Using reflective tape, you can amplify the visibility of your bicycle significantly.
  • Motorcycle and bicycle helmets
    • Along with proper reflective clothing, a cyclist should also illuminate their helmet as well as feet. Cutting strips of reflective tape and creating designs is common practice. This will clearly let somebody know exactly what they are looking at and the distance they are away.
  • Important home objects
    • If your home loses power, you can easily find boxes of emergency blankets or food that are marked with reflective tape.
  • Warehouse power outages
    • A warehouse that loses power can still direct people safely through zones clearly marked with reflective tape with very little light.
  • Personal vehicles
    • If your vehicle stalls and completely loses all power, your hazard lights will not function. Tail lights are reflective in nature, but often aren’t bright until very close to a car. Just two strips of reflective tape will significantly improve your vehicle’s visibility at night.
  • Life jackets
    • Many life jackets are equipped with reflectors of some kind. These reflectors are very important for safety but are often not very bright and have much room for improvement. Applying reflective tape to your shoulders, chest, and back will make you more visible at any time of day.
  • reflective tape on boatRafts and boats
    • Applying reflective tape to the side, bottom, and even the top of a boat has the potential to save your life in case of an emergency.
  • Safety cones
    • Standard road construction cones are equipped with reflectors, but not all cones are. If you just poured fresh concrete or asphalt at your home, clearly marking the area off is essential. Simply apply reflective tape to a safety cone to ensure visibility at all times.
  • Heavy machinery
    • Making sure heavy equipment is visible is an absolute priority for warehouse safety. A forklift that is not in use is still dangerous if it is stumbled upon accidentally. Use reflective tape on machines like pallet trucks and pallet inverters to reduce the risk of injury.
  • Warehouse floors
    • Like stated above, clearly marking paths with reflective tape for warehouse workers and even pedestrians to walk is an excellent way to avoid confusion in a warehouse. Reflective tape can also vastly improve warehouse efficiency by identifying loading and stacking zones.
  • Barriers and posts
    • Most posts are painted bright colors for daytime awareness. Applying reflective tape to a barrier or post that could cause an accident is essential.

Image Credits: Helmet & Boat