Ridiculous Signs And Blunders

Communication in the material handling industry is the key factor for safety in a workplace. Safety signs around a warehouse serve as constant reminders to be on your toes and avoid consistent hazards. Sometimes however, signs can communicate an unintentional or hysterical message. We’d like to take a minute to highlight some of our favorite ridiculous sign blunders, jokes, and mishaps!

Contradictory right turn sign

Ridiculous Sign Sharp Edges

Ridiculous sign do not enter

Ridiculous Signs Absolutely Nothing

Ridiculous Signs Baby Diaper

Ridiculous Signs Graffiti Removal

Ridiculous Signs Police Toilet

Ridiculous Signs No Turns Stop

Ridiculous Signs Never Get To Work On Time

Ridiculous Signs No Swimming

Ridiculous Signs Quit Stealing Letters

Images from Funny Signs

What other ridiculous signs have you seen? Let us know which are your favorite!