The 20 Greatest Warehouse Moments from TV’s ‘The Office’ (Part 1)

It’s pretty easy to find a warehouse reference in popular culture – look no further than hit television sitcom “The Office” and its humorously staffed, often-neglected warehouse. While we at Premier Handling Solutions specialize in various material handling equipment, we find it hard to condone most things that happen in the Dunder Mifflin warehouse; however, we absolutely do condone taking a peek at our favorite hilarious warehouse scenes from the show! Be on the look out for our riveting conclusion early next week!

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20. Garage Sale

Dunder Mifflin employees finally decide to get rid of old junk by having a garage sale in the warehouse! Dwight and Ryan are up to their usual scheming, while others simply want to unload their stuff from the comfort of their nice, warm warehouse.

19. The Forgotten Warehouse

Spielberg and Lucas would be proud.  An Indiana Jones inspired clip that shows Toby putting a box of office complaints away – for good!

18. Crime Aid

Holly and Michael’s sexual deviance leads to an office burglary. To recoup the employee’s losses, Michael holds a benefit auction in the Dunder Mifflin warehouse. Translation – hilarity ensues.

17. Warehouse Baler

Michael never takes the warehouse’s safety training seriously, especially when it comes to the baler. Despite Darryl’s constant warnings, Michael always seems to think it’s something to joke about! Warning: never play with a baler – it’s the real deal, folks!

16. Michael’s Warehouse Fort

As Michael is apologizing to the sales staff for stealing their big clients while under the auspices of the Michael Scott Paper Company, Darryl crashes the paper-made fort with some Darryl-esque wisdom.

15. Micahel & Holly Rap

As Jim puts it, “Michael is killing it with Holly.” As is evident in the clip, Holly’s dork-ness aligns perfectly with Michael’s consistent odd-ball behavior!

14. Basketball Promo

This “300” inspired clip centers around Michael’s office vs. warehouse basketball game. A real cinematic treat.

13. Deangelo Vickers Dunks

New Regional Manager Deangelo Vickers (played by comic genius Will Ferrell) attempts to dunk a basketball to inspire his workers. What ensues is the demise of Deangelo and nearly Kevin as his attempt is thwarted by gravity and poor athleticism.

12. Bullfroggy Love

Andy, Darryl, and Kevin get the band back together and, of course, use the office warehouse as a rehearsal space! After many failed attempts at writitng the perfect song, they finally come up with this gem, right as the episode is ending!

11. Collar Blind

While Jan holds a “women in the workplace” seminar upstairs, Michael insists on getting the Dunder Mifflin men together for a manly pow wow in the warehouse. As you’ll see, cultural sensitivity isn’t Michael’s strong suit.