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Pallet Dispenser

Pallet Dispenser

Pallet Dispenser

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Product Description

Efficient pallet handling made easy with a Pallet Dispenser / Pallet Stacker

There are many benefits to introducing a Pallet Dispenser or Pallet Stacker to your warehouse, picking operation, or facility process. It will not only improve the overall pallet movement processes, it will greatly improve employee safety due to reductions in manual pallet handling.

Pallet Dispenser Benefits:

  • Eliminate manual handling of pallets from stacks to the floor
  • Will reduce employee  injuries due to manual pallet handling
  • Productivity increase due to less time or labor involvement
  • Reduce wasted  floor space used to store or stage pallet stacks
  • Reduces pallet damage related issues
  • Stand Alone models provides simple stacking and dispensing at ground level
  • Accommodates many pallet footprints and designs

Pallet Dispenser Features:

  • 15 Pallet Capacity Model:
    • 60” x 61” x 93” (Approx.)
  • 25 Pallet Capacity Model:
    • 60” x 61” x 149” (Approx.)
  • Power Supply: 110/115 volt. 15 amp.
  • Stand Alone & Inline models or capabilities
  • Single & Double Deep models
  • Photo Sensor protectors or guards
  • Quick / Easy Installation requirements
  • Easy Touch Panel controls
  • Flexomatic models require compressed airlines
  • Dispense or Stack a pallet approximately every 6 seconds
  • Hygienic / Stainless Steel  / Wash-down environments packages
  • Cold Temperature or Freezer environment packages
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