All-Terrain Pallet Truck Uses

Standard pallet trucks are perfect for most applications and will never have to leave a smooth paved surface. They are built with smaller wheels that aren’t designed for a wide range of surfaces. However, for the select few industries that leave the luxury of indoor material handling and require passage over rough terrains like grass, dirt, mud, and sand, all-terrain pallet trucks are an excellent solution.

All-terrain pallet trucks are an astute ally to thousands of companies around the world.  Certain material handling warehouses, agriculture, and construction businesses require vehicles that can handle large loads over rough terrain. All-terrain pallet trucks are also a fraction of the cost to purchase and maintain than heavier machines such as skid steers.

Industries utilizing all-terrain pallet trucks include:

All-terrain pallet trucks used for farming
  • Outdoor Concert Organizers
  • Farms
  • Construction
  • Nurseries
  • Storage Unit Facilities
  • Outdoor Racing Teams
  • Portable Outhouse Services

All-terrain pallet truckSince all-terrain pallet trucks are incredibly easy to use, the learning curve is very small, and properly training employees isn’t a large investment. Some all-terrain pallet trucks significantly reduce employee fatigue while increasing company efficiency. Gas-powered all-terrain pallet trucks are especially easy to operate and move materials.

The procedures for loading an all-terrain pallet truck are the same as loading a common pallet truck. Simply positions your forks under a load, raise the forks, and transport your load. All-terrain pallet trucks are just simply more rugged and versatile.

Don’t let a patch of gravel get in the way of your operation! Utilize an all-terrain system to overcome it!