Animated GIFs – More Awesome Industrial GIF Images

Animated GIFs created across the internet are an awesome way to display how complex systems can be built from just simple machines to make our every day goods. After the feedback from our first awesome industrial gifs post, we decided to make another!

Watching the automation processes of industrial machines and food processing equipment can be mezmerizing. While some of these machines seem relatively slow, they are capable or producing a mind-boggling amount of product. The hot dog machine below is moving right along, but it’s hard to comprehend just how many hot dogs are running through it. Especially since Americans consume over 7 billion hot dogs each summer.  I reccommend checking out all these animated GIFs in all their automated glory.

Hot Dog Food Processing Equipment

Animated Gif Hot Dog Machine

Sriracha Industrial Processing Equipment

Animated Gif Sriracha Peppers


How is Sriracha Made?

Industrial Pancake Flipper

Animated Gif Pancake Flipper

Jawbreaker Press

Animated GIF Jawbreaker Press

Forming Glass Bottles

Animated GIF Forming Glass

Industrial Steel Cable Lubrication

Animated GIF Steel Cable Lubrication

How Pretzel Dough is Cut

Animated GIF Pretzel Dough

How are Pop Tarts Made?

(Check out Where Pop Tarts are Made!)

Animated Gif Pop Tarts

Fortune Cookie Machine

Animated Gif Fortune Cookie

And of Course, How To Get Warehouse Equipment Stuck

Animated GIF Warehouse Equipment

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