Blink and it’s Gone: Material Handling Equipment in Movies – Beverly Hills Ninja

When’s the last time you saw a ninja? Let me rephrase that – when’s the last time you saw a fairly sizable white ninja?

Released just 11 months prior to his death, Chris Farley’s Beverly Hills Ninja took the country by storm. Farley, known most notably through his Saturday Night Live career and lead roles in Tommy Boy and Black Sheep, delivers quite the punch (or…chop?) in this story filled with his typical clumsy antics. Audience adored yet critic unappreciated, the project would be Farley’s last film to hit theatres while alive.

In this scene, Farley’s character Haru and Gobie (played by Robin Shou of Mortal Kombat fame) are engrossed in a final battle with villain Martin Tanley. Tanley, along with spearheading a large-scale money counterfeiting project, has captured Haru’s love interest Alison and planted an explosive near her! Watch as Haru and Gobie master the use of material handling equipment in their daring ninja-stunts!

Beverly Hills Ninja material handling equipment scene










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