Cool GIFs – Awesome Industrial GIF Images

Cool GIFs are making a return! The original GIF boom left graveyards of GIF content strewn across the internet. The trend died down as content became easier to share through video content such as Youtube. But now, partly due to Facebook’s new “reply” feature, it’s become increasingly popular to use gifs for displaying content.

Cool GIFs won’t die soon. They continue to serve as an incredible way to animate repetitive cycles, like the inner-workings of machines. A well made GIF will loop seamlessly, and give the illusion that the process never ends. In our constant search for educational material for the warehousing and food industry, we’ve stumbled across many cool GIFs that show the wonders of modern industrial machining. Here are a few that we think you’ll enjoy as much as we do!

How Ice Cream Sandwiches Are Made

Educational Gif 1

How Pencils Are Sharpened at the Factory

Educational Gif 2

How Chain Links Are Made

Educational Gif 3

How a Sewing Machine Works

Educational Gif 4

How a Thermostatic Radiator Valve Works

Educational Gif 5

How an Oscillating Fan Works

Educational Gif 6

How to Shred Anything

Educational Gif 7

How a Four-Speed Manual Transmission Works

Educational Gif 8

How a Caliper Works

Educational Gif 9

How a Drill Bit Works

Educational Gif 10

How Pasta is Made

Educational Gif 11

How a Car Engine Works

Educational Gif 12

GIF image credit to Reddit subreddits oddlysatisfying and educational gifs. Infographic courtesy of Jacob O’Neal Infographics.