Guide to Warehouse Guardrails

Guide To Warehouse Guardrails

Hello and welcome to Premier Handling Solutions’ video series on running a safer and more efficient warehouse. Each week the OSHA website publishes a list of fatalities, catastrophes, and other events in the United States. The amount of deaths from falling and being crushed by machine equipment is still alarmingly high.

All of these deaths can be prevented using a proactive safety approach. Warehouse guardrails are crucial to any working environment where falling or being crushed can occur. Without question, each platform in a warehouse is required to have a fixed rail system to prevent falling. Several styles of guardrails are offered to warehouses.

Steel Handrails

Welded steel handrails have proven to be an excellent option for many applications. These handrails can be custom built for different sized ledges and platforms.

They can also be used to separate sections of a warehouse. Any part of a warehouse floor that needs to be safe for foot traffic can be blocked off with a pathway surrounded by these steel rails.The steel handrails are also convenient due to their hollow but strong design. The visibility between a work space isn’t affected as workers can clearly see what’s going on behind the rail.

Swinging safety gates can be attached to handrails to further separate moving machine areas from safer areas. These gates open one direction and are self-closing. Because of its one-way design, it protects from workers accidentally falling through the gate.

Heavy Guardrails

Heavy guardrails are also available for a wide variety of applications. Premier’s galvanized steel guardrail systems are designed to stop heavy equipment such as a forklift from crossing a boundary. These guardrails are essential due to the number of injuries and death from a forklift striking a worker or falling off of a ledge.

These heavy guardrails can also be used to surround a structure such as an office room extending into the warehouse area. A forklift striking a building’s vital structures can cost the warehouse thousands in damages.

Thank you for stopping by to watch the Premier Handling Solutions video series on running a safer and more efficient warehouse. Remember, keep your employees safe by creating a boundary between heavy machinery and other areas. Be sure to stop by often for more warehouse tips!