The History of Wire Baskets

history of wire containers

When Was Wire Invented?

A cylindrical and flexible strand of metal, evidence of wire has been found in archaeological sites dating back 5,000 years ago. Initially, wire was used in jewelry. Metal strips would be pushed through holes in stone beads so the metal would fold over into a tube shape. The first wire mills began to pop up in England in the 1500s. As time passed and human technology became more sophisticated, wire began to be used for electrical purposes and to be made into wire ropes.

When Were Baskets Invented?

Traditionally made out of stiff, fibrous materials, baskets have been around for just about as long as human civilization. Archaeological evidence shows that weaving techniques used to make baskets date back at least 10,000 years in what is currently the Middle East. Since then, not much about baskets has fundamentally changed. The materials have gotten stronger, but the basic shape and functionality has persisted.

So…When Were Wire Baskets Invented?

The two were combined to become wire baskets in the late 1800s.

How Is Wire Made?

We could tell you how wire is made, but wouldn’t it be more interesting to SEE how wire is made instead?

How Electrical Wires are Made

How Industrial Wire Ropes are Made

How Razor Wire is Made

How Are Baskets Made?

We could tell you how baskets are made, but wouldn’t it be more interesting to SEE how baskets are made instead? (Skip ahead to 10:42)

Why Do We Need Wire?

The modern world is connected by a series of wires and cables. Open up just about anything you own that uses electricity and there are going to be wires in it.

Why Do We Need Baskets?

Humans are always going to need a quick and easy way to transport goods that we may not be able to fit in our hands. Can you imagine grocery shopping without a basket? It would be chaos.