How to Use an FSDC Pallet Inverter

How to Use an FSDC Pallet Inverter – Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to Premier Handling Solutions’ video series on running a safer and more efficient warehouse. Today’s video will focus on the FSDC Pallet Inverter and its importance in modern warehousing.

What is an FSDC Pallet Inverter?

Short for Free Standing Dual Clamping Pallet Inverter, the FSDC Pallet Inverter is amongst the most versatile inverters money can buy. The inverter can be loaded with either a forklift or at ground level using a pallet truck

With a capacity of up to 4400 pounds and the dual clamps to hold very tall and very short loads, this inverter can handle anything you throw its way. This inverter is perfect for transferring between wood and plastic pallets or metal pallets, replacing damaged pallets and removing freezer spacers. It can also invert boxes, drums, pails, toilets, gaylords and glass vials with ease.

How to Use the FSDC Pallet Inverter

Step 1. Using a forklift or pallet truck, place your palletized load into the pallet inverter.

fsdc pallet inverter in motionStep 2. Press the corresponding button on your controls to make the load inverter and watch as the inverter clamps down and your palletized load inverts! You can then change out broken pallets too!

Step 3. Use your forklift or pallet truck to remove the inverted pallet load.

That’s all there is to it! Just load it up, press a button, change out what you need to and then unload!

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