How to Use Industrial Boot Washers

How to Use Industrial Boot Washers – Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to the Premier Handling Solutions’ video series on running a safer and more efficient warehouse. Today we’re focusing on the extraordinary benefits of industrial boot washers.

industrial boot washers

Industrial boot washers are a staple for the food industry. Sterile clothing and equipment is essential to a safe food handling operation. Boot washers allow all employees to thoroughly sanitize their footwear, virtually eliminating the chances of contamination from feet-borne bacteria.

stationary boot washerBoot washers are very simple to use and maintain. Employees will have no trouble learning the process to completely clean their footwear. Because of this, very little financial investment will be needed to implement these systems.

There are two main types of sole and boot washers.

Stationary boot washers are very self-explanatory. The designs may vary, but most models are designed to wash one boot at a time and are push-button or sensor operated. Simply place your boot into the brushes and it will do all the cleaning for you!

walk-through boot washerWalk through boot washers are bigger and size and are designed to handle a larger number of employees. Follow these five easy steps to use industrial walk through boot washers.

  1. Step on the platform just before the boot washer entryway.

  2. Firmly grasp the stainless steel handles on either side of the boot washer to maintain your balance.

  3. If your boot washer is push-button activated, simply push the button and begin shuffling your feet through the horizontal and vertical brushes. Some walk through boot washers are sensor operated, and don’t require the push of a button.

  4. Allow the water and cleaning solution to immerse your boots as you shuffle through the boot washer.

  5. Once through the boot washer, simply step off of the boot washer to the ground.

Thoroughly washing your boots is that easy! Shuffling through a boot washing machine takes mere seconds and saves your company valuable resources. No longer will your employees have to manually clean their boots.

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