How to Use A Knife Sterilizer

How to Use a Knife Sterilizer – Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to the Premier Handling Solutions’ video series on running a safe and efficient warehouse. A 100% clean working environment is a top objective for the food industry. Maintaining clean tools is a huge part of keeping the work environment clean, but it can be difficult and time consuming.  Using a knife sterilizer to safely remove harmful bacteria from knives is the ideal solution for most food processing teams.

As discussed in our previous how-to video, sterile equipment and clothing is a necessity. Thousands of foodborne illnesses can be traced back to improper processing and handling. Installing a knife sterilizer at your workstation is a quick, easy, and effective step to maintain a sterile environment.

Made from stainless steel, knife sterilizers are extremely durable. These machines use heated water to remove bacteria from your cutting utensils. Some models have basket inserts that hold knives in place during the knife sterilizer operation. Many quality knife sterilizers have built-in safety features like a controllable thermostat and low-water detection to prevent warehouse fires.

The simple design and operation of knife sterilizers make their implementation affordable for a food processing warehouse. Training employees to properly use a knife sterilizer is painless. Just to show how incredibly simple these machines are, here are the steps to setup and use a knife sterilizer.

  • Mount or locate your knife sterilizer in a convenient area
  • Hook the knife sterilizer to power and water sources
  • Insert knives into wire baskets or fitted slots
  • Turn on the power
  • Adjust the on-board thermostat
  • Cycle the water through the knife sterilizer
  • Retrieve knives when the they are thoroughly disinfected

It’s that easy! Easy setup and a sterile work environment are well worth the investment of a knife sterilizer.

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