Blink and it’s Gone: Material Handling Equipment in Movies – Code of Silence

Chuck Norris is inarguably the most elite protagonist of any movie. Which is why I find it surprising that we have featured eight movies with warehouses and material handling equipment in them without ever highlighting a Chuck Norris film. The wait is over, I happened to stumble across this gem from the movie Code of Silence.


The main character is named Sgt. Eddie Cusack. In this scene, we see the remnants of the Comancho gang scattered among the steel barrels, cable spools, and other various material handling equipment. In the first 30 seconds of this clip we see wood pallets on the ground, holding barrels, supporting bags,  and providing a seemingly exhausted warehouse employee a nice place to take a nap.


Exactly how many pallets can you spot?


Material Handling Equipment in the movie Code of Silence











Let’s hope all of those wooden pallets were recycled after they had to clean up!


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