Blink and it’s Gone: Material Handling Equipment in Movies – Maniac Cop 2

While I dive deeper into my Halloween movie collection, I realize how much I enjoy slashers. It’s almost impossible for any slasher movie not to excite you in one way or another. Obviously, quality horror movies will scare you senseless or make you cringe in disgust. Terrible horror movies with cheap budgets will inflict some of the hardest laughter thought imaginable. Point is – you can’t lose when you watch a scary movie.

Today’s Material Handling Equipment in Movies was discovered in Maniac Cop 2. This warehouse seems to be deserted. Scrapped wooden pallets and junk shipping crates fill this warehouse to the brim. If you look closely enough, you can see a few great shots of a wooden pallet. Most notably, when character Teresa appears on the scene with a shotgun. Another pallet is seen in the first three seconds of the clip behind the maniac cop while he tries to break the lock off of the door. Last but not least, a sturdy pallet serves as a landing pad for the cop that was shot at 36 seconds.

How many wood pallets can you spot in this scene from Maniac Cop 2?

Material Handling Equipment in Maniac Cop 2


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