Material Handling Video Friday: Hand Pallet Truck Safety

Learn more about how you can use hand pallet trucks safely and effectively in your warehouse by watching the video below!

Hand Pallet Truck Video Transcript

Hi Billy. What is wrong? You look very worried!

Some of the employes at my warehouse were having fun and riding around on a hand pallet truck, and they almost got into a serious accident.

Well that is why it is important to follow the safety guidelines for all warehouse equipment, including small equipment like hand pallet trucks. You do enforce safety guidelines at your warehouse don’t you?

In order to avoid injury to yourself, co-workers, and the equipment you are using, you need to implement hand pallet truck safety.

I know you are right. Can you tell me what I need to know about Hand Pallet Truck Safety?

Sure. Make sure you are familiar with the basic operating instructions for your hand pallet truck. Push the actuating lever down and pump the to raise the forks. you should have at least one inch between the load and the floor. Move the actuating lever to the middle position to disengage the lifting mechanism and move the load freely. Move the actuating lever up to lower the lifting forks.

Can you tell me some safe operating practices to avoid injury?

Absolutely. Avoid the movement of loads on ramps if possible, and be sure to lower the load if you come to a stop on any incline. Always be uphill from the load when on an incline. Never ride or play on a hand pallet truck. It is not a toy.  Make sure that the load you are transporting does not exceed the load capacity. Make sure that the load is properly secured before transportation. Check your route in andvance to make sure that it is clear of any unseen obstacles. Always operate the hand pallet truck at a safe, controllable speed.

Wow. I sure am glad that I learned about hand pallet truck safety before any real harm was done. Thanks!

Your welcome. It is also important that the equipment you are using is reliable. Head over to Premier Handling Solutions dot com to get the best material handling equipment for any application.