Material Handling Video Friday: Plastic Pallet Safety

Plastic Pallet Warehouse Safety Videos

Plastic Pallets provide many important safety and usability features that can effectively reduce shipping, handling, and other related costs.  Plastic Pallets can be stored indoors or outdoors safely, and can outlast Wood Pallets of the same type many, many times over. Plastic pallets are also easier to clean and weigh less than the cheaper, more common wood pallet.

One of the main reasons companies switch from wood pallets to Plastic Pallets is for safety reasons. Plastic Pallets are not made with nails, so there is no danger of being pierced by a stray nail tip, and the risk of splintering is also eliminated. You can see how a standard rackable Plastic Pallet is used in the warehouse and stored in the following video:

Premier’s Plastic Pallets are all made from recycled material, making them more far less wasteful than wood pallets, which need to be replaced frequently. Watch this video to find out why plastic pallets are better for the environment than Wood Pallets.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about the advantages of Plastic Pallets. Premier has a variety of Plastic Pallets to offer if your company is planning on making the switch from wood pallets to Plastic Pallets. Check out our great selection of Plastic Pallets today for all your material handling needs!