Pallet Racking Systems In Material Handling

 Pallet racking systems shelving


Pallet racking systems save millions of dollars in warehouse dollars each year. Racking systems capitalize on the idea of expanding vertically, instead of horizontally. This simple, yet intuitive idea saves an unimaginable amount of space and resources.

What Is a Pallet Racking System?

Racking systems are very simple designs that make material storage exceptionally easy. They’re just blown-up versions of the shelves on your bookshelf. Pallet racks are designed in a way to ensure structural integrity without using too many materials. Many designs use a metal frame with braces and decking made from various materials.

Flared style wire decking

How Are Pallet Racking Systems Used?

Pallet racks typically have multi-level shelves. Pallet trucks and forklifts orchestrate to place materials and palletized loads in their designated location. Simply lifting a load and placing it onto an elevated rack takes seconds, and saving horizontal space.

Why Use a Pallet Racking System?

Pallet racking systems allow a warehouse to implement their personal and customized organizational system. Take Amazon’s warehouse organization for example, they “put stuff where it will fit.” Other warehouses, however, have an extremely particular separation process. For good reason, too. Food and chemical handlers have absolutely no wiggle room; everything must be separated.

Who Uses Pallet Racking Systems?

  • Wholesale Grocery Stores
  • Food Distributors
  • Prescription Drug Distributors
  • Electronics Stores and Distribution Centers
  • Packing Warehouses
  • and Hundreds More!

Pallet racking systems with motorcycles

When Should You Implement A Pallet Racking System?

When your business grows to a point when growing horizontally no longer makes sense. Expanding vertically is typically much, much cheaper. Pallet racks are very easy to install and implement into an organization.


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