Pallet Recycling Guide

Pallet Recycling Guide

Pallet recycling is a massive industry. The reclaiming process employs thousands of workers across the nation because pallets are among the most recycled products in the United States. With almost 2 billion wooden pallets in rotation across the U.S., we can’t afford to waste these resources. Wooden pallet recycling statistics are impressive. There are many different shapes, sizes, and types of pallets. There are even more ways to recycle each type!


Wooden Pallet Recycling


We’ve shown you tons of ways to recycle wooden pallets at your own house! On a larger scale, there are many businesses committed to reclaiming wooden pallets. Their multiple-piece design allows for them to be reused with the replacement of only one or two boards. Hey, doing it yourself can even double as a cardio workout!

Wood Pallet Cardio Workout


Plastic Pallet Recycling


Plastic pallets are primarily made from recycled materials, but the pallets themselves can also be recycled. Typically, broken plastic pallets are sent through the assembly line where they are crushed, shredded, colored, and then reformed as complete pallets.

 Pallets Made of Recycled Plastic


Aluminum Pallet Recycling


Aluminum pallets are most often initially constructed from recycled materials because it doesn’t weaken after a cycle as many other materials do. Hard aluminum products are sent in to factories, melted down, and cast into pre-finished pallets. Then the pallets are finished into their final product.

How Aluminum Is Made


Paper Pallet Recycling


Paper pallets are deceptively strong and durable. They aren’t recycled exactly in the same manner as notebook paper, but the process is very similar. Paper pallets add to the large amount of paper recycled in the United States each year.

Paper Pallet Strength


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