Pallet Usage in American Warehouses

Wooden Pallets Pallets have been around about as long as there have been machines to move materials, and probably even before! They have always been an essential part of any warehouse that deals with transporting or storing goods, but times are changing. The equipment and methods being utilized by material handling companies to carry out their processes are constantly being improved as technology advances and new methods are adopted. So what does this mean for pallet usage?

We give you the low-down on the usage of pallets by American material handling companies in our video below. What types of pallets are being used most, and by what types of industries? How is pallet usage affected by the economic climate in America? What factors are important to warehouses when purchasing pallets? Find out by watching this video!


Pallet Usage Video Transcript

Welcome to another educational material handling video by Premier Handling Solutions. Today I want to talk about the role of one of the most important components in any material handling warehouse: pallets.

Pallet Usage VideoThe president of the National Wood Pallet & Container Association said, “In many cases, the lynchpin of an entire unit load is the pallet.” If you are in any material handling industry, you will likely agree that pallets are important. Whether your warehouse uses new, used, metal, plastic, wood or aluminum pallets, pallets are important to your business for many reasons. They are responsible for protecting the product during transit, speeding up the loading and unloading, and providing more efficient storage in your warehouse.

So what is the role of pallets in American material handling industries today? Peerless Media Research Group conducted a pallet survey of American material handling companies in 2011. They found that 16 percent of pallets are being used in the food and beverage industry, 12 percent are being used for consumer goods, 10 percent are used in wholesale trade, and a massive 62 percent are used in transportation and warehousing.

American Pallet UsageWith the economic slump in 2011, we would expect a decrease in products being shipped, and therefore a decrease in pallets used. What was actually found was 45 percent of those surveyed said that their pallet usage has grown in the last two years. 40 percent said their pallet usage remained the same. Only 15 percent said that they were using pallets less.

So what types of pallets are warehouses using and why? 95 percent of those surveyed reported using at least some wooden pallets in their warehouse. 39 percent use plastic and 35 percent use other materials like aluminum. But how do people choose what types of pallets to use in their warehouse? In warehouses that use wooden pallets, purchase price was the most important factor in choosing pallet types, followed by pallet strength, availability, and durability. In warehouses that primarily use plastic pallets, strength and durability were the primary purchasing factors.

No matter what types of pallets your material handling warehouse needs, you can find top quality pallets at Premier Handling Solutions. Thanks for watching.

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