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Commander 1 Automatic Stretch Wrapper

Commander 1 Automatic Stretch Wrapper

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Product Description

The Commander 1 Automatic is the industry standard for conveyorized turntable stretch wrap systems!

Infinitely adjustable Dual Power Hydro-Stretch® allows ultimate stretch film control with maximum load security. State-of-the-art touch screen controls provide reliable operation, as well as diagnostic indicators for troubleshooting.

The conveyors ensure heavy duty capacity, long life, and fast, smooth conveying for high production rates. The Commander 1 system is designed for maximum productivity and minimum maintenance using Allen-Bradley PLCs and off-the-shelf components.


Production Capacity30 - 40 loads per hour
32"L x 32"W x 12"H
50"L x 50"W x 72"H
Film Delivery SystemDual Powered Hydro-Stretch®
AC Power Hydro-Stretch® Motor
Infinite Film Force Adjustment
12" Diameter Roll Capacity
10" to 20" Roll Width Capacity

Liquid Cooled/Maintenance:
Allows Infinite Independent Pre-Stretch Adjustment at Top and Bottom of Load
Controls: Schneider Electric (Magelis) Color Touch Screen Control PadTop and Bottom Counters
Emergency Stop Push/Pull
Cycle Start/Ready
Cycle Interrupt or Pause
Manual/Auto Selector
Film Elevator Spiral Speed Dial
Film Elevator Up/Down Selector
Conveyors Jog Push Button
Clamp Open/Close
Film Cut Arm Extend/Retract
Conveyor Jog (All)
Entry Conveyor Jog
Turntable Conveyor Jog
Exit Conveyor Jog
Conveyor Forward/Reverse Selector
Film Pre-Stretch Adjustment Dial (Used at System Set Up)
Pre-Stretch System On/Off Selector
Film Out/Broken System Shut-Down and Indicator Light
Turntable Accel/Decel Speed Control
Detection for the hot bar input or output blown fuse

System resets when film out is detected, carriage and turntable return to the home position, and readies the system for film re-loading and minimizes down time.
Load Capacities4,000 lbs
0-12 RPM Turntable Sped
84" Diameter Turntable Top
37" Diameter Ring Gear Drive
Film ElevatorDual Belt Elevator Lift
Automatic Height Sensor
Adjustable Height Overrides
Variable Up/Down Control
AC Elevator Drive
Power Requirements240/480 Volt, 3 Phase 15 Amp Service
80 PSI @ 3 CFM
NEMA-12 Enclosures
JIC Wiring Standards
Rigid Wiring Standards