FS 2200 Pallet Inverter

FS 2200 Pallet Inverter

FS 2200 Pallet Inverter

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FS 2200 Pallet Inverter Specs:

Jaw Opening Max 86″ – Min 44″
Capacity 4,400 lbs
Loading Tables 50″ x 52″
Controls Lever / Push Button / Auto
Power 3ph / 208,230,460,575V
Finish 2 Part Epoxy Acrylic Top Coat — FDA Certified
Color Machine Blue
FOB Elgin, IL 60123

FS 2200 Pallet Inverter Industries Served:

The FS 2200 Pallet Inverter:

Our largest free standing model, the FS 2200 Pallet Inverter, is completely stable under its own weight and only requires an electrical connection to fully function. The FS 2200 Pallet Inverter is available in both push-button and lever-operated models. The FS is the work horse of our pallet inverters with more sold each year than most other styles of pallet inverter systems combined. The FS pallet inverter features tables that are above floor level and can be loaded using a forklift. The FS 2200 Pallet Inverter is easy to use and maintain, with a long life duration under regular use.

The FS 2200 Pallet Inverter Primary Uses:

  • Invert boxes, bags, drums, pails, cans, glass vials, sheet steel and plastic, toilets, gas cylinders, super sacs and gaylords
  • Handles almost any palletized load including slippery or unstable goods due to its high clamping pressure
  • Recover damaged materials from the bottom of a load
  • Replace wood pallets with plastic, aluminum, or other more hygienic pallets
  • Transfer materials from a damaged pallet
  • Change orientation for printing and other general purposes
  • Add flexibility to your distribution pallet policy


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