How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse in a Warehouse

The Walking Dead has become one of TV’s most popular shows, with more than 12 million people tuning into the season three finale. Despite airing on basic cable, the show is still the number one show on all of TV in the 18-49 year old demographic highly coveted by advertisers.

This vast popularity, and the show’s abundance of pallets hanging around its various locales got us thinking…

walking dead pallets

Is there a better place to survive the zombie apocalypse than a warehouse?

Through history’s various zombie movies and shows, we’ve seen Pubs, Houses, Malls, Prisons, Islands, and so much more idealized as the ultimate zombie survival locations. None have stood up to the test though. Let’s see why warehouses could be the best place to wait out a zombie apocalypse:


Most large warehouses are in remote rural locations. They’re literally in the middle of nowhere with great sightlines on all sides. If any “walkers” are on their way towards your building, you’re going to be able to see them.

The buildings themselves offer great protection as well. Warehouses are hulking structures made from some of the strongest building materials known to man. Zombies aren’t breaking through concrete and bricks, and the relative lack of windows is just an added bonus. The height of these buildings also offer great protection from zombies. You can always chill out on the roof safely for a bit to avoid going stir crazy. The roof provides a great place to safely pick off approaching zombies as well.

The large buildings also offer the huge benefit of not being in a small space with multiple people. Being able to spread out a bit is great for the psyche.

Tools and Resources

As we’ve seen throughout season three of The Walking Dead, pallets can be a huge help in surviving a zombie apocalypse. Aluminum pallets, wood pallets, and plastic pallets can each be used to help fortify any weak points in the structure. You can easily transfer zombies to your burning pit on pallets, and can also transfer supplies and people throughout a warehouse. Box pallets and bulk containers can be equally effective at this with the benefit of sides to keep supplies from falling off.

how to survive zombie apocalypse with pallets

Pallet trucks can be used to further your ability to move around people and supplies. Think of the precious calories you’ll save!

how to survive zombie apocalypse with pallet trucks

The floor tape and signage most effectively used for 5S can be used to help your residents keep track of everything in the warehouse. As far as we know, zombies can’t read, so make sure everybody knows the escape routes and safe rooms with some signs.

how to survive zombie apocalypse with floor tape and signs

A warehouse won’t have a shortage of cleaning products. You’ll be able to find scrubbing brushes and cleaning chemicals for sure to make sure everybody stays sanitary.

how to survive zombie apocalypse with warehouse cleaning products


Pallets can also be used as weapons against zombies. Ripped them apart and sharpen the boards for a useful stake. All the heavy objects you can find around a warehouse will surely help destroy some zombie brains.

Just like in season three’s best episode of The Walking Dead, these plentiful tools and materials are great for creating zombie booby traps too. They may also keep out dangerous people too!

how to survive a zombie apocalypse

So what do you think? Warehouses…good or bad for survival during a zombie apocalypse?