Warehouse Sanitation Techniques


Warehouse Sanitation Techniques – Video Transcript


Hello and welcome to the Premier Handling Solutions’ video series on running a safer and more efficient warehouse!

The media is quick to warn the public of massive food recalls. In the year 2009, a massive peanut recall had us all checking our cupboards for contaminated peanut butter. But dozens of large recalls happen every year. In fact, there have been 11 food recalls in the last 17 days!

11 food recalls might seem like an enormous amount, but is that much of our food really contaminated? Considering the average American consumes about a ton of food per year, the food industry has come a long way in preventing food borne illnesses. There is still much room for improvement, however!

Food processing has come so far in the last century. The United States is producing food more cleanly and efficiently than ever before. Thanks to ever-improving cleaning methods, sanitary processing machines, and properly trained employees! There are so many machines that can be credited with a direct impact to a more sanitary working environment.

Here is a list of hygiene equipment that effectively reduces the chances of food borne illness every single day:



Personnel moving from one area to another increases the chance of contamination. Turnstiles effectively control the flow between areas, solving many of those problems. These turnstiles can even be set to “lock” to restrict access to a closed area!


Hand Sanitizers

Hand Washers

Hand Wash Sinks

Hand wash sinks should be installed strategically. The size and purpose of the warehouse will dictate the need for larger systems like automatic hand sanitizers and washers. Automatic hand sanitizers and washers are capable of completely ridding your hands of contaminants.


Knife Sterilizers

The most important part of food processing is the cutlery. Contaminated cutlery is extremely dangerous. Hand washing knives simply isn’t as effective as having them automatically cleaned in a high-temperature bath. That’s why Knife Sterilizers are very important.


Stainless Steel Lockers

Apron Washers

Cleaning, separating, and organizing employee clothing is vital to warehouse health. Stainless steel lockers are an easy and space-conscious way to keep all clothing separate. They are extremely easy to clean (see stainless steel is sanity).

Much the same, apron washers provide a sterile stainless steel surface with a handheld brush and integral water supply to blast away contaminants.


Boot Wash Systems

Sole Washers

Your contaminated boots can’t cross into another area without proper cleaning. Whether your food processing operation is large or small, there are boot washing systems that will suit your needs. Smaller machines allow employees to manually wash their boots, while larger machines are completely automatic, ideal for many employees.


Hygiene Stations

Hygiene stations are a one-stop-shop solution to warehouse sanitation. These machines effectively combine a boot washing system with a hand washer. Employees are certain to reduce their chances of contamination by a large amount.


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