Warehouses – The Best Places to Play Hide and Seek?

best places to play hide and seek

We’ve already discussed why warehouses are the best places to survive a zombie apocalypse, but now it’s time to delve into a more practical secondary use for warehouses – the best places to play hide and seek!

Warehouses are just perfect for hide and seek. You have stacks to hide in, on, or behind. Trucks, shelving, and so much more are just sitting there waiting to hide in. If done safely, material handling equipment like balers or pallet inverters are great hiding places as well. Kids can fit into a number of tiny nooks and elude even the most observant seeker.

If it’s a warehouse that deals with candy or other kid-friendly items too, then all the better! Not only do you get the fun of playing, but also of pigging out!

best place to play hide and seek

Yeah, warehouses are huge (a potential bummer for seekers), but they’re open for the most part. You’re not going to encounter a labyrinthian group of small rooms as a seeker. You have one big room to search through, making seeking much more fun. Before letting a gaggle of kids loose in a warehouse though, make sure they have been briefed on the safety precautions to take around machinery.

If you’re still skeptical, check out Amazon’s warehouse in this gallery. Nothing beats that for hiding and seeking. Here are a few images from the gallery in case you don’t want to click over:

Amazon warehouse for hide and seek

Using a pallet truck for hide and seek

Closest Runner-up for Best Place to Play Hide and Seek


Warehouse Stores:

Very few places can match the allure of a warehouse store to an 8 year old for hide and seek. Just remember the days where you would walk through a Sam’s Club or Costco and dream that your parents had the money to rent the store out for a night. A nearly unlimited amount of junk food, finite boundaries, and great hiding spots all contribute to an ideal hide and seek situation. You’ll also notice the word “warehouse” right there in the name, furthering our theory on warehouses being the best places for hide and seek.

Remaining Runners-up for the Best Places to Play Hide and Seek



Forests are great for the climbing, adding a vertical dimension to the game. The surroundings are easy to camouflage into as well, and you can always be on the move if you need to to avoid a seeker. The lack of defined boundaries could be an issue though. Plus, BEARS! The element of danger from the other animals that call the forest home may be a bit too much for a group of unsupervised youngsters.


There are a huge number of rooms to hide in. For the most part though, rooms are just desks and not much else. It’s tough to hide behind a desk.


The same basic principal is on place here as in a warehouse store, but on a much larger scale. The size is great for hiding, but not so great for seeking.

Cruise Ships

All you need to do is think about Jack and Rose on the run in the movie Titanic. There are a ton of spots to hide around a cruise ship. The immense size may be a bit too much though for a seeker to enjoy the game.


On the plus side, there is a ton of space, but then again, on the minus side, there is a TON of space. One hundred floors of varied use may be great for hiding, but it still needs to be fun to be a seeker.


When all else fails, a standard single-family house is pretty tough to beat for hide and seek. Kids have been making use of houses for generations, and seem to intrinsically know the best places to hide. The hiding terrain is varied from room-to-room, and the boundaries ensure the game doesn’t go on too long.

What do you think is the best place to play hide and seek? Let us know in the comments below!