When Was The Forklift Invented

when was the forklift invented


When Was The Forklift Invented?

The forklift was invented in 1906, and used in the same way we continue to use them today.


What Came Before the Forklift?

Humans have always needed to lift stuff, but haven’t always known the means to do so effectively. Hoists were developed and used into the late 1800s. A hoist is essentially just a system of chains and wenches on a platform that could somewhat be moved. Hoists were great for lifting, but not for much for moving and transporting goods.

Lift trucks were then developed and became the standard by the turn of the century. The platforms could get under lifted goods and then moved with a handle for transportation of goods.


How Was the Forklift Invented?

As with most great ideas, somebody took an existing design and made it better. The lift trucks (now more commonly know as pallet trucks) we just mentioned were great, but a human still needed to exert a ton of force to get them moving with a heavy load.

history of forklifts


Battery packs were strapped to and lift trucks with a motor system to eventually give the trucks the power they needed. From there we’ve gotten bigger and more powerful forklifts to move all kinds of heavy material.


Why Do we Need Forklifts

Forklifts help move stuff that humans couldn’t otherwise move easily. They make the world more efficient and enable you to get everything from Apples to medications from manufacturers to your home quickly and easily.

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