Material Handling Video Friday: Wood Pallet Safety

wood pallet

Many businesses use Wood Pallets in their warehouses everyday. Their usefulness in many material handling applications make pallets a part of daily warehouse life. However, it is important to remember that the incorrect handling of Wood Pallets can result in an accident.  Everyone who works in your warehouse should understand how to correctly handle a pallet. The following videos cover safety tips when handling Wood Pallets and also some of the consequences of not observing pallet safety. Handling Wood Pallets can result in accidents.

To ensure that an accident does not occur in the warehouse, it is important to be familiar with the proper way to handle Wood Pallets. Everyone in your warehouse should understand the basic causes of injury when handling pallets and how to avoid those accidents from occurring in your warehouse. The video below explains general pallet safety.

Wood Pallets also need to be cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis. This is especially important in the food industry, as bacteria can form on the pallet if it is not cleaned properly and consistently. Depending on your business and industry, you may want to use Plastic Pallets for your material handling needs. The following video investigates the dangers of improper cleaning of Wood Pallets.

Thanks for checking out these videos on Wood Pallet safety. Always be safe whenever handling materials, and check out Premier’s top quality Wood Pallets today. Our Pallets are perfect for all your warehouse and material handling needs.