Pallet Changer


Vertical Opening: Max 80″ – Min 24″

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Pallet Changer Specs:

VERTICAL TRAVEL Max 80″ – Min 24″
PALLET CLAMPING Max 50″ – Min 32″
Capacity 3,300 lbs
Loading Tables 50″ x 47″
Controls Push Button, Auto, Touchscreen Control Console
Power 3ph / 400V / 32amp
Finish 2 Part Epoxy Acrylic Top Coat — FDA Certified
Color Machine Blue
FOB Elgin, IL 60123

Pallet Changer Industries Served:

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Pallet Changer:

The Pallet Changer is the most sophisticated pallet transfer machine offered by Premier. This pallet changer allows for an operator to change the pallet beneath a load without having to touch them. Our Pallet Changers are custom built for our customers looking for specific stack heights and where loads are stable while resting on their side. The side clamping system ensures a load will maintain its integrity. The Pallet Changer is a completely automated system and fitted with fixed guarding.

Pallet Changer Uses Include:

  • Replace wooden pallets with plastic pallets or other hygienic pallets
  • Transfer outgoing loads to export or shipping pallets
  • Properly handling loads that must remain upright after transfer

Pallet Changer Key Features:

  • Gripping system automatically adjusts to anything that fits its specs
  • Side walls retain loads with optical sensors or pressure options
  • Floor level loading  – no ramps necessary
  • 25 pallets per hour output due to smooth and effective auto operation
  • Bagged goods and thinly layered products are not recommended


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