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Palletless Load Inverters:

pallet inverter rentalPremier Pallet Inverters are a natural element in any palletless loading system. Inverting a load 180 degrees allows a warehouse to remove pallets from a load too keep them in-house and allows them to load containers twice as fast. This is a perfect system for goods which will be unloaded manually at its destination.


Palletless Load Inverter Features:

  • Removes the need for manual hand-loading
  • Cuts the cost of using heat treated pallets to comply with ISPM 15 regulations
  • Significantly reduces cost associated with lost and damaged pallets
  • Reduces weight and size of loads which maximizes cubage inside of a container

We have also perfected a totally automated system for palletless bag handling into containers.

How to Use our Palletless Load Inverters:

  • The palletized load is place in the inverter on the pallet you want to retain.
  • Pushing a single button initiates an automated sequence in the load inverter which grips the pallet, clamps down the load, and revolves the load 180°.
  • The clamping table releases the load and the pallet you want to retain is now on the top of the materials and can be removed. A forklift then approaches from the side of the inverter to unload the material directly with the forks.
  • Relocate the palletless load to the desired location.
  • The pallet is released and is conveyed away to be stacked in a waiting accumulator.

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