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Patriot 1 Stretch Wrapper

Patriot 1 Stretch Wrapper

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Product Description

The Patriot 1 is the affordable solution to stretch wrapping your loads without stretching your budget. The Patriot 1 delivers the same high quality and high performance that Premier is famous for, at an affordable price.

The Patriot 1 offers the flexibility to precisely adjust the level of film to stretch to match your load-holding requirements. Stretch levels of 60% to 125% are typical for the Patriot 1. The Patriot 1 will stretch film further, wrap loads tighter and more securely, at a lower price than any system in its range.

The Patriot 1 is a durable system at a very affordable price. A full range of options are available to allow you to build a cost-effective, fully adjustable film delivery system to meet your specific production needs.

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