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Commander 3 Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper

Commander 3 Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper

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The most advanced rotating arm system available! Any load that can be conveyed can be easily and economically wrapped with the Commander 3. Automatic and Platform Automatic models are also available. CHOOSE the Commander 3 for the most advanced rotating arm system available. CHOOSE any film and stretch it to its maximum performance level with our exclusive Dual Power Hydro-Stretch! CHOOSE the best, most efficient way to wrap your product utilizing any of five pre-programmed wrapping patterns! The choice is simple. For the most reliable, efficient and technologically advanced rotating arm system, CHOOSE the Commander 3!

Commander 3 Semi-Automatic System Stretch Wrapper Specifications

Production Capacity30 - 40 loads per hour
32"W x 32"L x 20"H - Minimum Load
50"W x 50"L x 84"H - Maximum Load
Film Delivery SystemLiquid Cooled / Maintenance Free:
Infinite Film Force Adjustment
Infinite Pre-Stretch Adjustment 0-Film's Max. %
12" Diameter Roll Capacity
20" Roll Width Capacity
5 Preset Wrapping Modes

Dual Powered Hydro-Stretch®:
Allows Infinite Independent Pre-Stretch Adjustment at Top and Bottom of Load
ControlsTop and Bottom Counters
Emergency Stop Push/Pull
Cycle Start/Ready
Cycle Interrupt or Pause
Auto/Banding Selector
Film Elevator Spiral Speed Dial
Film Elevator Up/Down Selector
Warning Light atop Control panel
Film ElevatorDual Belt Carriage Lift
Automatic Height Sensor
Adjustable Height Over-Rides
Top and Bottom Wrap Counters
Variable Up/Down Controls
3/4 HP Baldor Elevator Drive Systems
5 preset Wrapping Modes
Electrical120 Volts 20 AMPS
Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1200 PLC
JIC Standard
NEMA 12 Enclosures
TEFC Baldor Motors
Additional FeaturesFilm Pre-Stretch Adjustment Dial (Used at system set-up)
Diagnostic Indicator Lights on Allen Bradley PLC
Film Arm Excel /Decel Speed Control